Uma implementação do método da refletividade para modelagem eficiente de dados sísmicos marítimos e de OBC

Revista: Revista Brasileira de Geofísica, 2009, 27, 323-332.

Abstract: In this paper, a special implementation of the reflectivity method is proposed to simulate marine seismic acquisitions. The method was designed for efficient calculation of pressure field, in the case of source and receptors (hydrophones) located in the water column and the vertical or horizontal displacement (or velocity) in the case of simulation of multicomponent OBC (Ocean Bottom Cable) or OBS (Ocean Bottom Sensor) acquisition. One of the main advantages of the method is the easy choice of events that will be present in the response, like internal multiples, free surface multiples and converted waves. Moreover, modeling in the frequency domain makes it easy to handle absorption and dispersion in inelastic media. The proposed method has low computer cost when compared with pure numerical methods like finite difference or finite element. This makes it a valuable practical tool for accurate measurement of the seismic response under fluid substitution in a reservoir or to simulate the AVO response, when dealing with 1-D stratified media.

Autor: Sérgio Adriano Moura Oliveira