Mapping fluid distribution in a pinch-out reservoir model: A physical modeling study

Journal of Applied Geophysics

Abstract: This work shows the results obtained from seismic physical modeling experiments that image the non-homogeneous, two-phase distribution of immiscible fluids inside a cavity in a pinch-out model. The main goal of this study was to verify how the seismic sections can be used to observe the fluid distribution in this type of reservoir. A high-resolution deconvolution method was applied to improve the images resolution and depth migration correctly positioned the events. Instantaneous attributes were used to assist data interpretation. The results provided an image of the oil-water interface and revealed a complex fluid compartmentalization pattern that was confirmed by numerical modeling simulations. The results of this study should improve the understanding of mapping fluid distributions from seismic sections in pinch-out reservoirs.


Carlos A.M. de Assis, Marco A.R. de Ceia, Roseane M. Misságia e Wagner M. Lupinacci