The value of information from time-lapse seismic data

Revista: The Leading Edge, 2011, 30. 572-576.

The method presented here is an objective way to determine the value of information, as it establishes a relationship between the value of perfect information and the technical evaluation score. This makes it possible to compare the value of competing projects evaluated by different analysts. Additionally, the value of information of a 4D seismic survey can be calculated by its agreement with different management strategies. We tested three possible selections: optimistic, realistic, and conservative evaluations of VOI. In all cases where 4D seismic cost is smaller than VOI, the 4D seismic project can be considered economically viable. In the case studies presented above, the sandstone reservoir showed better technical and economic results than the carbonate reservoir, due to fluid properties, rock properties and a seismic response more favorable for time-lapse seismic

Autores: José Rodrigo Pinto, José Clauver de Aguiar Jr. e Fernando S. Moraes